V. Rembrandt Bugatti, a modeller and mould-maker

  • Rembrandt Bugatti: “I hope and indeed believe I am successful in creating a body of work like no other animalier sculptor before or since […]”.
    • A portrait of Rembrandt Bugatti by Marcel Horteloup
    • Diane’s letters
  • Free hand modelling and plaster casting
  • François Pompon and the animaliers
  • The Rembrandt Bugatti gypsotheque and studio collection: Ebé Bugatti

VI. A.-A. Hébrard et Cie (1902c.1934)

  • An alliance between art and industry
  • 1904: the first Rembrandt Bugatti exhibition at Galerie Hébrard
  • Rembrandt Bugatti turns twenty
  • Le contrat d’édition – the artist licensing agreement
  • René Dubois, Rembrandt Bugatti’s adoptive father
  • The A.-A. Hébrard foundry: Albino Palazzolo and the foundry workers
  • Hébrard and Rodin
  • -A. Hébrard or the authentic reproduction of an œuvre d’art