X. Bugatti dies on 8 January 1916

  • Antwerp, August 1914: the tragedy of the Great War. Rembrandt Bugatti becomes a stretcher-bearer
  • December 1914: Rembrandt Bugatti leaves for Milan to rejoin his brother’s family. With Palazzolo’s help he exhibits at the Alberto Grubicy Gallery
  • Milan, May 1915: Rembrandt Bugatti volunteers for war duties despite already suffering from tuberculosis
  • December 1915: Rembrandt Bugatti returns to Paris. He commits suicide on 8 January 1916
  • 1916: Rembrandt Bugatti’s death as described by his friend, the Milanese architect Giulio Ulisse Arata
  • Ettore Bugatti takes up the torch for his brother
  • Adrien-Aurélien Hébrard reopens his foundry with Albino Palazzolo
  • The A.-A. Hébrard cahiers
  • -A. Hébrard original editions (1904–c.1934)

Epilogue: “To the eye, all is contemporary”

  • Towards a new vision: the centennial celebration of Rembrandt Bugatti’s life and work



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